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February 2018

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 Benefits Of Using A CNC Machine

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PostSubject: Benefits Of Using A CNC Machine   Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:05 pm

Benefits of Using a CNC Machine:

Ease of Operation - Once the CNC machine has been programmed, it can continue to repeat its task over and over again with unchanging precision, easily producing as many identical products as you need with only minimal involvement required from the human operator. This also lowers the production cost, another benefit for the manufacturer.
Speed - Not only can the CNC produce quality work very quickly, it can also be run continuously, greatly increasing production rates.
Accuracy and Consistency - Even the most skilled human artisan will have some variation among each piece of work, and quality may suffer if, for instance, the worker becomes tired. Each item produced by a CNC program is identical and perfectly accurate.

Many industries have benefited from the use of a CNC machine, and you can find many examples of products made by a CNC router in your own home, such as your kitchen countertops. In the manufacture of countertops, a computer program directs the CNC machine to cut the shape of the countertop out of any material, cut out sink and faucet holes, and shape the edges of the countertops. The result is a perfectly crafted countertop.


cancam aluminum plastic

CanCam LTD
1103 Wentworth St West,Unit #2 Whitby, L1J 8P7 Ontario, Canada
T (888) 510-2295
Email: info@CanCam.ca
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Benefits Of Using A CNC Machine

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